Sparkle Touch Spot Free Car Wash

Self Service BaySparkle Car Wash is proud to be at the forefront of self serve applications and in bringing you the Laser Wash experience, the finest in “drive thru touchless automatics”. We have all the latest technology in our self serve bays, use only the finest products to clean your car and maintain equipment so that is it always providing you with the best wash possible. Our Laser Washes are designed using photo sensors and computerized electronic vehicle sensing technology that gives us the ability to deliver outstanding wash results.

Our high-pressure wash cycles use up to 40% less water* due to the patent-pending single pump system and advanced zero-degree rotating nozzle design. A bridge mounted productivity package allows for application of color foam, protectants and spot-free rinse in single passes, further reducing wash time. Patented Virtual Treadle®, featuring an open wash bay with no guide rails or floor steel, increases our customer’s comfort level.

Our location provides two car wash choices, one for those who enjoy washing themselves in our self serve bays and secondly for those who chose to stay in the car for our Laser Wash® Experience. Try either one…you’ll like it!!