The Sparkle Car Wash Club

Becoming a member of the club allows us and you to interact for additional cost savings programs available through the use of our Laser Wash® drive thru Touchless Automatics. By joining the club you will receive discount specials via e-mail to be used at our Laser Wash®! All you need is to give us your e-mail address and city to start saving.

The Access Entry System (Auto Cashier) allows us to build a loyalty program that has both impact and is relevant to you. Best of all, it lets us implement and manage your loyalty program securely over the Internet with a standard web browser.

After joining the club we will send you a loyalty card (wallet card) that can be used at any of our car washes. On it will be your special member codes. You will take these codes to the auto cashier at the wash you use. We have created a debit account for you in order to take advantage of club member specials. You fund this by putting $'s in your account with either cash or credit card. Once you join we will send you specific instructions on how, as a club member, to use our auto cashier.

Creating and funding this member account allows us to send you special coupons or schedule emails to club members with low balances or announcements of new promotions. Just for becoming a member we will put a credit of $2 in your account right off the bat!

The Club can be used for fleet accounts too!

Becoming a member means saving time and money!

If you have not tried us please stop down and experience the newest in car wash technology the “Laser Wash® Drive thru Touchless Automatic”.

Four wash packages available:

Four Laser Wash Packages

  • Express
  • Deluxe
  • Supreme
  • Ultimate

We know you will enjoy the show!

Fleet/government accounts available.